Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Puppy Pictures!

Here are some more pictures of Lucy's puppies.

1st and 2nd pic are Red ribbon
3rd pic is Pink ribbon
4th pic is Green ribbon
5th pic is Purple ribbon
6th pic is Purple & Green ribbon
7th pic is Green ribbon taking a cat nap.

The puppies are so much fun to play with. They are getting lots of socialization with us and our children and puppy socializers. We pay special attention to those little toes and ears. We like to roll them on their backs and scratch their bellies and they love it! We like the puppies to get used to being handled and played with especially with children. We have a few big toys that the puppies can climb on top of and hide under. I am planning on getting a tunnel that they can play in as well. They thoroughly enjoy running around the puppy room wresting around with each other and pushing tennis balls around since they are not quite sure what to do with them yet.
Enjoy the pictures!

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