Thursday, October 9, 2008

Getting The Puppy Room Ready

Well, we we were all hanging out in the puppy room today getting things together for when the puppies arrive. There are many supplies needed for whelping time that I always get ready at least a week before the expected delivery date just in case! There is nothing worse then a puppy coming when you are not prepared!
I took a few pictures while we were working. The kids are giving Lucy a nice scratch and massage..I'm sure she loves that! Then there's Lucy just hanging out.
In the next few days we will be bringing the whelping box in. We'll put some comfy blankets in there so Lucy can lay in the whelping box comfortably and get used to it in advance of the puppies coming. We are all counting down the days. I think we are going to place some bets on the date and number of puppies. We'll see who comes closest!!

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