Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Even More Pictures!!

Ok, so I am going picture crazy today. I think that I know the end is near and I am trying to capture every cute moment so that I can look back fondly once all the puppies have gone on to make their new families happy.

Also, mostly all of our time is now spent playing with and socializing the puppies since they are older and very interested in hanging out with us. So that gives us lots of prime opportunities to get good pictures.

I can't believe it but I actually got a picture of each puppy, so I will list which one is which.
First is a group shot, then from top to bottom.....

1st Pic: Red Ribbon
2nd Pic: Red-Orange ribbon
3rd Pic: Tan ribbon
4th Pic: Green ribbon
5th Pic: Yellow ribbon
6th Pic: Orange ribbon
7th Pic: Red-Tan ribbon
8th Pic: Blue ribbon
9th Pic: Orange-Yellow ribbon

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