Friday, April 3, 2009

Busy Bees

It is not just our children that our looking forward to Spring Break...We have been busy busy busy!! We have had four "Honeymoons" in the last month. We have had Lucy and Wonka in the very beginning of March, Willa and Hunter closer to mid month, Joey and Wonka and Linnie and Copper towards the end of the month, Whew!! We have done a lot of driving to pick up Wonka, to meet up with Hunter and all the way to Atlanta to meet Copper from Atlanta Doodles. However, all the driving was made so much easier by our Guardian families. Wonka's Guardian mom met us halfway both times(a big time saver) and one time it was at the very last minute. Our other Guardian mom braved the rain to bring Linnie to us, since it coincided with the time we were to pick up Wonka. Thank you!!!! We have truly been blessed with wonderful Guardian homes, and we are thankful each and every day!
Also, Joey's Guardian family is going to have her puppies at their home. They have been so wonderful as a Guardian home and we are looking forward to Joey's puppies arriving and working together!

So needless to say, we are looking forward to a little down time. My mom is coming to visit for a few days and it will be very nice to visit and spend time together, with preggo doggie bodies warming our feet. :) We are trying to fully appreciate each and every day with our children and TWO dogs, because in another month we will have 1-2 litters of adorable puppies taking up every spare minute!

We will continue to update the blog, should be more often now that the busy time has slowed down for a little while!

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