Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Guardian Home Opportunity

Below are pictures of Nellie. She is an adorable multi-gen Australian Labradoodle. She is 8 months old and the sweetest girl. She has a gorgeous cream, non-shedding, fleece coat. She is great with kids and very friendly.

We are looking for a Guardian home for Nellie. As responsible breeders, that believe that dogs should be pets and part of a family, we love the Guardian home option. This is where a wonderful family adds one of our breeding dogs to their family. It is their pet and we reserve the breeding rights. This is a great opportunity for a family to get the pick of the litter puppy that would normally be $2500 and up at the Guardian home price! We even offer a one time reimbursement after the first litter!

Please contact us for more info about Nellie or the Guardian home opportunity as we always have something available, many times with puppies too.

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