Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lola at 7 Weeks

Wow, we have taken quite a break from blogging this Summer! I didn't realize it had been so long. We have had a busy Summer this year with puppies that went home in June, traveling and lots of activities with our children. With the kids back in school I certainly have more time to blog, and of course now that we have a litter on the way in a couple of weeks and one already here, I have something to write about and pictures to share!

Below is a picture of Lola. It's not the best angle to show her belly to someone not used to what she looks like when she is not pregnant(even in this picture we can see a big difference as Lola is a petite girl with nor belly usually), but I was lucky that she was tired enough to lay there for me to take the picture, so I can't complain. She is doing great, getting lots of attention from everyone. She is even more lovey dovey with us(if that is possible) and with food!! She loves to eat! Every time I go into the kitchen she is there looking up at me with her puppy dog eyes, hoping I will give her something. Her food has been increased, of course and we are adding some nice supplements and special food to her diet to give her and her puppies all they need, but if she had it her way, I think she would be eating all day long, and pizza would be at the top of her menu!

We are very excited for the puppies to arrive and will continue to post here with info!

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