Friday, May 9, 2008

Volhard Test Results

Well we did the aptitude test yesterday and got great results. I have to say I always enjoy doing it because it is fun to see how each puppy acts and responds when it is on it's own and not part of a pack of siblings.

The results were mainly 3's and 4's which we had a feeling they would be. A few of the puppies scored a few more 3's then others. We will have a nice mix of outgoing, friendly,active easily trained dogs, and calm, friendly, snuggly easily trained dogs. Just what we hoped for!!

Here is a link to the Volhard aptitude test in case anyone is interested.

We are having a blast with the puppies. They are so much fun right now. Housework and chores are suffering because who wants to do that stuff when there are adorable puppies to play with and make you laugh? And laugh we do. These puppies hop, wrestle, roll on their bellies, hide under the couch, among many other goofy things.

That bittersweet time is approaching however, when we will send our puppies to their new homes. While we couldn't be happier to see them join their new family where they will be loved and cared for, we do get a twinge of sadness to see our little munchkins go.

I will try to get some more pictures up. It does get harder now because the puppies want to play and not pose for pictures but we will make every effort to show just how cute they are getting with new pictures!

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