Monday, May 5, 2008

What a beautiful day!

It was a gorgeous day yesterday. Not only did we enjoy it but the puppies had a great time too. We spent a good deal of time just laying in the grass letting the puppies play and crawl all over each other and us. They are just so much fun! They are silly and goofy and just make us laugh all the time.
If you walk in our house at any given moment there is usually at least one of us holding a pup. We have an unspoken rotation system going. We each take a puppy out a time and take them around the house. They'll be sitting with us while we fold laundry, held in our arms while unpacking book bags, sitting on our laps while doing homework. We always keep track of which puppy is out so we can get a different one each time and they each get equal amounts of what we call "spoiled time".
I don't know what we will do with ourselves when they all go home!!

Please enjoy the pictures below.
First one: Black ribbon and blue green ribbon snuggling, with Tan ribbon looking right at the camera and I think that is Pink ribbon's tush!!

Second one: Blue ribbon(chocolate boy snoozing) and Pink ribbon chewing a flip flop and orange ribbon taking a nap.

Third one: Black ribbon is at the very top of the picture. Pink ribbon is sleeping facing the other way, blue ribbon is facing the camera and tan ribbon is right below that.

Fourth one: Blue Green ribbon

Fifth one: Blue ribbon, and Pink ribbon is behind him.

Sixth one: Red ribbon and pink ribbon(again!)

Seventh one: Pink ribbon(ok she loves the camera!) by the flip flop, brown ribbon(curly black boy) Orange ribbon(black girl) and Tan ribbon

Eighth one: Brown ribbon and black ribbon

Ninth one: Tan ribbon

Tenth one: Green ribbon and Pink ribbon wrestling with Brown ribbon.

Eleventh one: Lots of puppies looking for some attention from our daughter!

Ok, now after labeling all the pictures, I am realizing we need some more of Purple ribbon and Green ribbon. We will get some today as it appears it is going to be another lovely day.

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