Friday, May 1, 2009

We're Almost There!

Below are some pictures of Willa and Lucy. They are certainly progressing in their pregnancies! We are on puppy watch now for Lucy. She can have puppies any day now or it could be a week. So we are all on our toes now, watching for any signs that may let us know that puppies will be here soon. Willa is due about a week after Lucy, so she is close to her due date too!

I think in my last post I mentioned how Willa and Lucy like to lay down in front of their bowl and eat. Well I managed to get a picture of Willa in action since they can't even come outside with us for a few minutes without bringing the food bowl as well! It is just too funny.

Lucy is off getting a "spa day" in preparation for her puppies. She will get a nice bath, and trim and will come home looking even more beautiful then before!We'll get some pictures of her when she comes home.

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