Friday, June 5, 2009

Linnie's Australian Labradoodle Pictures

The long awaited individual pictures of Linnie's Australian Labradoodle litter are below!! These puppies are stunning! This is a multi-colored litter of creams, apricots and reds.We have waited for this litter for a long time and we are very excited that they are here! We can't wait to see how their coats, colors and personalities will develop over the next few weeks!

1st Picture: Orange ribbon female
2nd Picture: Red Yellow ribbon female
3rd Picture: Blue Orange ribbon female
4th Picture: Tan ribbon male
5th Picture: Orange Green female
6th Picture: Green ribbon male
7th Picture: Blue ribbon male
8th Picture: Blue Green ribbon male
9th Picture: Blue Tan ribbon male
10th Picture: Red ribbon female
11th Picture: Orange Red ribbon female

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